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What our clients have to say about entiprius.

"We were looking for a better more efficient way to serve our finance customers, we found entiprius and we were pleasantly surprised. Having used a number of Finance Aggregator CRM systems in the past our biggest issue was finding something easy to use and easy to customise and set-up ourselves. The team at entiprius helped us set-up the basics and showed us how to automate our mortgage process, and from that moment onwards we were in control.

First we added numerous email, SMS and document templates and connected them to our mortgage process, and then we switched on auto chasing of documents (My favourite feature) which saves us endless hours each and every day. Now entiprius chases missing documents and we mainly focus on finding our customers the best finance solution."

Tariq Haidary, Search Financial MD

"ALSC was founded in 1998 and are the pioneers of the Laser and Paramedical Skin industry with the vision and passion to unite patient concerns with the most advanced, proven, non-invasive medical technology. They believe that the latest techniques and cutting edge medical equipment in the field of Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation should be accessible to everyone, therefore, they promise to offer you the most cost effective procedures in Australia without sacrificing quality.

We absolutely love entiprius CRM. It has saved us a lot of time in virtually every part of our business. The success of the Auto SMS confirmations the Outlook like calendar, auto appointment generation, auto day sheets and auto accounts have proven to be very valuable for our business. We highly recommend entiprius."

Jim Kostakis, Australian Laser Skin Clinics

"When our team was looking for a new workflow/CRM system, we were expecting your typical 'highly enthusiastic sales pitch' from the entiprius team largely due to seriously disheartening experiences with other CRMs over the years (over promise, under deliver). However it turns out entiprius is a genuinely excellent system. The streamlined communication component alone has literally saved our team days each week, but we still have complete freedom to personalise each message which is important to us.

The real kicker though is the workflow management - we've been wanting to customise our workflow for so long but it was always going to cost an inordinate sum that we couldn't justify. Entiprius is structured around customised workflow which is incredible for our team as we can now track every single customer's progress in a way that makes sense to us, and gives us more time to focus on improving their experience."

Michelle Coleman, W Financial MD

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