Simplify, automate & thrive with hyper- automation.

We help organisations thrive by leveraging in-app AI, automation and context-aware computing, enabling computers to understand and perform tasks traditionally done by humans, making it easy to automate end-to-end processes, unlocking your maximum potential.
NDIS Plan Management Software

NDIS Plan Management Software with unparalleled NDIS AI 2.0.

Elevate your productivity with the entiprius platform, we are leading the AI-powered Hyper-Automation revolution, removing the risks in plan management & automating operations for plan managers. entiprius is transforming the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Plan Management landscape, enabling unparalleled efficiency & effectiveness.

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Focused on the biggest business challenges.

Business transformation that enables hyper-automation.
Enabling businesses to automate and transform their business.

unified context
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Great Support

33 context-aware business apps

Optimised for growth

Digital Business Assistants

36 Apps with AI to Transform your business.

"Nothing is a greater priority than the digital transformation of your business..."

Digital transformation is enabling radical new ways to deliver customer value. It enables businesses to automate and transform their business processes, change the competitive landscape, enhance their business model and enter new market domains, unlocking new business opportunities beyond currently served markets.
36 Apps with AI

Transform your users into Super Users with IA.

At entiprius our main focus is leveraging the power of AI & computing to provide humans with digital superpowers. Our digital assistants leverage the power of AI with context-aware computing that enables computers to understand and deliver Intelligence Amplification (IA) capabilities, transforming users into Super Users.

By optimising each app for a given task, dynamically providing contextual AI to apps and users and delivering the true power of hyper-automation, you will be truly amazed how entiprius will transform your business.
AI technology

Convert Unstructured Data to Structured with CER

Businesses are managing numerous unstructured data sources which increases the cost and complexity and at times outweigh the benefits. Currently little to no effort is made to extract value from unstructured data other than providing manual human insights.

With a new NLP technique called Context Entity Resolution (CER), entiprius converts unstructured data to structured data which enables: computers to understand and 'for the first time' perform tasks that traditionally could only be done by humans.
Content Entity Resolution

On-demand context-data in every app. Seriously!

Context-aware applications pass the context to the digital assistants which produce an in-memory context-graph mind map (CGMM) cache of all the information required by users, tasks, processes, apps, templates and the Automation Engine.
Our platform helps automate actions with live context-data
Create your own processes and actions from within any application and entiprius will deliver live on-demand context data every time.
Context-Data in every App

Stay ahead of the data challenges with entiprius updates.

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