33 Context Aware Applications

The magic of our Context-Aware Computing platform is really seen through our 33 business applications and digital assistants that Digitally Transform a business. Digital Transformation is enabling radical new ways to deliver customer value;. It enables businesses to automate and transform their business processes, change the competitive landscape, enhance their business model and enter new market domains, unlocking new business opportunities beyond currently served markets.

33 Context-Aware Business Apps with Digital Assistants that Digitally Transform any business.

Nothing is a greater priority than digital transformation!
33 context-aware applications that use content entity resolution (CER) to fuse the dataset of each app to a unified context data model (UCDM) and digital assistants that product a context-graph data map (CGDM) of all the information required by users, tasks, processes and the Automation Engine.

Optimise each app for a given task, dynamically provide contextual data to apps and users and deliver the true power of context-aware computing.

On-demand unified contextual data

Contextual document availability

On-demand Structured data

Optimised communications templates

Automation of every task, process and trigger

Intelligent message routing

context entity resolution

Lead Process Automation

Context-Aware Templates

Contextual document storage

Autonomous Contextual-Comms

context marketing

context-aware calendars