Context-Aware Computing Tech Stack

  • 33 Apps that digitally transform any business
  • Digital Assistants with IA create Super Users providing on-demand knowledge for users and apps. These assistants also Supercharge User and App Actions.
  • OneData, OneApp & OneAuto - No need for RPA and enables anyone to Automate
  • Converts Unstructured Data to Structured Data with new NLP techniques called Content Entity Resolution.
  • Context-Aware Applications generate CGDM which then injects the entity and contextual data into the templates enabling: on-demand contextual communications

Digital Assitance

At entiprius our main focus is leveraging the power of computing to provide humans with digital super powers. Our digital assistants leverage the power of context-aware computing that enables computers to understand and deliver Intelligence Amplification (IA) capabilities, transforming all users into Super Users.

Optimising applications for given tasks delivering true power.

By optimising each app for a given task, dynamically providing contextual data to apps and users and delivering the true power of context-aware computing to a single click or task, you will be truly amazed how it will transform your business.

Context-driven digital transformation

All data sources are transformed to common data formats needed for on-demand processes. The clean, comprehensive and on-demand data architecture allows for OneData, OneApp and OneAuto to deliver the next generation context-aware computing services.

Today's systems operate as disparate ‘black boxes’, with limited interaction capabilities, human context or understanding.

Context-Aware Computing understands human context and provides a more collaborative partnership between humans and machines.

No more silos

Common Data Formats
Context-Aware Applications
Context Entity Resolution
Context Graph Data-Map

entiprius efficiently accesses, stores and unifies data to create a paradigm shift in Unified Context Data whilst delivering Automation Simplicity.

Information and data is one of the most under-utilised and misunderstood resources. For many years companies have ignored the importance and power of data as a tool to enhance their business. With entiprius the power of contextual-data is what drives our platform to unlock incredible productivity gains for our clients and increased revenue, that can only be experienced.