The worlds first intelligent message management platform.

On-demand unified customer data model

Contextual document availability

Advanced campaign funnel management

Optimised communications templates

Automation of every task, process and trigger

Automated Sales.

Automate your sales funnel, processes and staff

entiprius can enable an all-in-one sales automation to help you simplify, manage & close more sales. From enquiry to management of staff and booking appointments, entiprius is able to do it all, automated.

Automate Administrative tasks

  • No more time wasting

    Eliminate all mundane and repetitive tasks and automate your business with workflow management. Let entiprius manage your processes your staff and your actions.

Automate Sales Appointments

Generate and manage appointments in your calendar

Automatically generate customer appointments doing away with making manual bookings. Entiprius can also determine which resources to allocate to any appointment or action.

Intelligent message routing

context entity resolution

Lead Process Automation

Context-Aware Templates

Contextual document storage

Autonomous Contextual-Comms

context marketing

context-aware calendars