Revolutionising your NDIS Plan Management Software through AI Leadership & Hyper-Automation

Elevating NDIS Intelligence: The Power of NDIS AI 2.0 for Plan Management saving you time

NDIS Plan Management Software Automation Guarantee

Entiprius has developed a patented plan management software that provides a From-Day-One Guarantee. With this software, you can expect 30% to 40% of your invoices to be processed From-Day-One, by our industry-leading invoice AI engine and 96% of your emails autonomously managed From-Day-One, by our in-app email AI. Within 8 to 12 weeks, you can expect up to 94% of your invoices to be AI processed, whereby 60% will be processed via the L5 autonomous engine, which is 100% accurate and does not require human intervention.

Up to


Emails Managed Autonomously
Up to


Invoices Processed with Invoice AI
Up to


Invoices Processed Autonomously
Up to


Productivity gains

What is plan management with hyper-automation?

Hyper automation is “end-to-end AI driven autonomous automation”. The most important aspect of hyper automation is the AI-driven autonomous part, which means the AI has access to all data, controls the applications and manages the automation. To better understand how hyper-automation helps plan mangers, let’s look at a typical end-to-end plan management process. For instance, let’s consider the tasks completed by a plan manager to process an NDIS plan management invoice.

Step 1 - Upon receiving an NDIS plan management invoice in an email, the Entiprius Outlook-like client with in-App AI analyses all the contents of the email and the attachments to identify who the participant, provider, and the invoice number.
Step 2 - It then saves the email and the NDIS invoice in the participant file and checks if participant requires to approve invoices, the approval method and if invoice is a duplicate.
Step 3 - If the NDIS invoice is not a duplicate and the participant requests email approval, the AI creates a personalized email, adds invoice and sends to the NDIS participant for approval.
Step 4 - It then creates a job with the email and invoice and adds the NDIS participant and provider name to facilitate the prioritization and distribution of jobs.
Step 5 - The AI then passes the NDIS Invoice to AI Engine to process, it performs document and invoice validation, whereby it produces a full AI analysis checking every element of that invoice against the NDIS Rules and the participant’s NDIS budget. Finally, it produces an L5 or L4 result, where L5 is 100% accurate and ready for NDIS, and L4 requires a human to check. (60% of invoices are L5)
Step 6 - Meanwhile, the AI Engine monitors all emails for the participant approval, so it can mark it as ready for NDIS.
Entiprius hyper automation does not require complex and expensive RPA technologies and the army of engineers that only large businesses can afford. The Entiprius hyper automation enables small to medium-sized businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, outperforming even the largest of competitors at a fraction of the cost. 

Revolutionising NDIS Operations with AI Leadership

Advanced Cross-Platform technologies

Revolutionise your approach to Plan Management with our Cloud Based Desktop/Tablet App for Plan Managers with Mobile and Web Apps for Participants, Support Coordinators and Service Providers. Autonomously process invoices with our Invoice Language Processing (ILP) engine powered by NDIS Rules Engine.

  • Budget Plan Management
  • Purpose-built Invoice AI Engine
  • Enabling intelligent decisions driven by comprehensive understanding and workflows with Digital Assistants
  • With Hyper-Automation

The Future of NDIS plan management software

Entiprius NDIS AI 2.0 isn't just a product; it's a purpose-built NDIS AI Engine. Developed in collaboration with NDIS leaders, this engine is tailored to meet the unique demands of NDIS operations, ensuring precision, accuracy, and unmatched capabilities.

  • All-in-One Plan Management System with 36 Apps
  • NDIS AI Email Management
  • AI Invoice Engine making contextual data available to every application on demand.
  • NDIS job management System
  • Connected Plan Management to PACE & Proda

Seamless Transition with entiprius

At entiprius, we understand that transitioning to new technologies can be a daunting process for any organisation. That's why we've pioneered the concept of Cutover Leadership, a comprehensive approach that ensures smooth and successful migrations to our innovative solutions.

  • We request and Train your AI on your top 40 Providers before cut-over
  • We import and structure all your data
  • We Transfer your financial data with precision
  • with Tailored training Courses
  • Local Australian Support

Entiprius NDIS AI 2.0 Features

  • Tick

    Auto converts unstructured data to structured data.

    Invoice Language Processing with AI Digital Assistant


    Unique all-in-one with 36 apps Automation and in-App AI.

    Auto-identification of duplicates

    Stay in control of all your EMAILS, JOBS & ndis invoices

    purpose built plan management Job System

    Configurable AI rules for your financial operations.

    Workflow management and Auto-pilot marketing

    Dynamic communication templates for notes, emails, SMS’s and Documents.

    Automatically create invoices and claims for reimbursement

    automateD monthly reports

Features Overview

In-App Email AI

Email the way you’ve always dreamt!

  • Identifies participant, provider, Inv. Number
  • Adds email and doc. to participant file
  • Analyses invoices and finds duplicates
  • Allocates email responses to correct person
  • Sends Inv. Approval via Email, SMS or App
  • Auto manages Email, SMS & App approvals

Plan Manager Job System

Job Management with AI Automation

  • Creates Jobs with email and docs attached
  • Tags Jobs with Participant and Provider
  • Distributes Jobs based on Participant, Provider & Priority
  • Manages the Invoice Approval Process
  • Passes 60% of invoices for Auto Invoice processing
  • Manages Jobs - Greatly reduces Admin

AI-Driven Invoices

Digital Assistance with AI & NDIS Rules

  • Processes 60% of all invoices accurately
  • Document Validation, verifies ALL participant and provider info
  • Verifies the correct use of Categories and Item Numbers
  • Manages the Invoice Approval Process
  • Auto Corrects item numbers, Service Types, Merging and Invoice Rounding
  • Invoice AI Analysis, simplifies management of user and AI Processed Invoices

Frequently asked questions about entiprius

What is NDIS Plan Management Software?

NDIS plan management software is a technology that is designed to simplify the management of a NDIS participants budget. Itis purpose built for NDIS plan managers to manage all service providers invoices against a NDIS participants budget. It streamlines and simplifies all plan management processes by using workflow automation along with AI to take care of all emails, jobs, invoices, and other plan management tasks.  

What to look for when selecting NDIS plan management software?

* It should be a simple all-in-one system with all the apps a plan manager needs without the need for unnecessary API’s or Integrations.
* It must come with its own email application with similar features like Microsoft Outlook and enable users to streamline and automate email tasks and processes.
* It must integrate to Microsoft 365 Email, Google Gmail and other email apps.
* It should have in-app AI which delivers the power of artificial intelligence to email, invoice processing and the general management of all tasks and processes.
* Must have Android and iOS mobile apps for participants.
* Must have innovative web app for Support Coordinators to access their participant budgets, view invoices and various reports.
* Ability to generate bulk NDIS claims with AI which manages human errors.
* Must have the ability to bulk process service provider invoices and participant reimbursements.
* Must have automated monthly reports for NDIS participants.
* Must provide ability to category quarantine budgets to specific providers and manage stated items with or without specific service providers.

What are the benefits of using Plan Management Software?

The main benefits are the overall efficiency gains in all aspects of a plan management business. It simplifies and streamlines the management and processing of all plan management tasks related to emails, invoices, jobs, service contracts, budgets, communications and issues with participants, support coordinators, service provides and all stakeholders. With the clever use of innovative technology such as workflow management, auto-pilot marketing, automation engine and in-App AI with digital assistants, plan mangers are able to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency gains that need to be seen to be believed.

What is Entiprius Plan Management Automation Software?

Entiprius Plan Management Software is an All-in-One Business solution that brings together 36 Apps with an embedded automation engine and the latest in-App AI designed to simplify and automate the NDIS plan management processes. Our patented plan management software enables plan managers, support coordinators and NDIS Participants to benefit from Hyper-Automation which delivers end-to-end AI Driven Autonomous Automation, greatly streamlining all facets of your NDIS Plan Management Business.

Who is the Entiprius NDIS Plan Management Software for?

Entiprius Plan Management Software fuses together 3 powerful technologies, MS Cloud for Plan Managers, the latest in web App Technology for Participants, Support Coordinators and Service providers and an iOS and Android Mobile App for Participants.

What are the Main Features of the Entiprius Plan Management System?

* NDIS plan management software with Hyper-Automation
* 5 levels of automation with workflow management and Auto-Pilot Marketing
* NDIS plan management system with 36 Apps, automation engine and in-APP AI
* Outlook like Email - Integrates into Microsoft 365, Identifies, attaches and distributes
* The most comprehensive plan management job system with hundreds of features
* Inv. AI processes up to 90% of Invoices, whereby 60% accurately & autonomously 24X7
* Only plan management system with purpose built digital assistant & NDIS Rules Engine
* Invoice Management AI enables easy tracking of staff created invoices
* Automated Invoice Approvals upon receipt via Email, SMS and Mobile Apps
* Knowledge Graph driven templates for Email, SMS, Word, Excel, Appointments and Notes

How do Plan Managers benefit from Entiprius Plan Management with AI

With 36 Apps that are built on top of an automation engine and in-App AI, Entiprius plan management software that delivers Hyper-Automation end-to-end AI driven autonomous automation. This enables end-to-end process that previously took numerous staff 30 minutes to complete, can now be done in under 1 second.

How do NDIS participants benefit from Entiprius Plan Management s/w?

With workflow automation, AI driven invoice approvals/processing, a leading edge web system and iOS and Android mobile apps, participants are the central focus of the Entiprius plan management eco-system.  

How can I find out more about Entiprius Plan Management Software?

To get started with Entiprius plan management software simply click the Request a Demo and one of the friendly team members will contact you shortly. We will guide you through the implementation process, provide training and assist you with workflow automation, and integrate to Microsoft 365 and how we will help you maximise your plan management business efficiency.

What is the difference between self-managed and plan managed?

If you decide to self-manage your NDIS funds, you will be responsible for all the admin associated with your NDIS Plan. You will need to submit your service provider invoices to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), making sure your paid accurately and on time, you will need to maintain all records and receipts in case you are audited. This can take up to 25 hours per week. If you decide to go with a plan manager, you will benefit from NDIS professionals making sure your plan is managed correctly. A plan manager is an independent NDIS provider who takes care of all the admin associated with your plan, they make sure service providers charge for their services correctly, abide by the NDIS guidelines and they paid accurately and on time.

What our clients say about entiprius

In 12 months, our business has doubled. Without a doubt, this would not have been possible without Entiprius. Our management team now have clear visibility over all our operations. The AI means we are onboarding less data entry staff. At a glance we can prioritise communications to our clients, while keeping track of inbound invoices. We could never have managed our growth without email integration, and the support team are incredibly responsive when you need them. It’s worth every cent.
Thank you team Enti! 
T. McGrath
Founder, Alliance Plan Management Services
At the end of 2021, we partnered with Entiprius to develop a Job System tailored to our plan management needs. Previously, we were inundated with a high volume of emails and invoices on a daily basis. We sought to streamline and automate our processes to maximize staff productivity. After transitioning to Entiprius, we were able to significantly reduce our workforce, automate email management and optimize our Invoice AI to autonomously process most of our invoices. As a result, it’s now a pleasure to come to work after public holidays since most invoices are processed autonomously.
D. Johannesen
Manager - All Plan Management
Entiprius Plan Manager is our software program of choice after having used or demoed other software. It has increased our compliance with us not having been audited on our payment requests since December 2022. Processing of invoices with all information in the one screen is one of the favourite features along with unlimited templates for emails and notes due to being an integrated business system. Our productivity and efficiency has increased and glad we found Manny who worked with us to develop something revolutionary for Plan Managers in the NDIS.
Executive Team
101 Plan Management
We started using Entiprius in 2023 after the increase in compliance by the NDIA and looking for more automation. Enti has surpassed our expectations and has allowed our staff to spend more time with the participants, nominees/carers and support coordinators which is the most important part of the service.  This has allowed us to grow the business significantly with the level of automation. We will never look back from doing a 120 line invoice manually, Enti is one click or no click at all from completing the 120 line invoice!! The IT support has been exceptional.
T. Arnott
Founder, Next Gen Supports Pty Ltd
We started with Entiprius early in 2023. Since changing over we have really noticed how Entiprius has streamlined our processes and improved our efficiency. The regular updates as well as the quick response to our request for alterations to the system is indispensable in today’s fast paced business environment. By far, changing over to Entiprius has ensured we are offering the best we can offer to our participants, Support Coordinator’s and providers alike.
Founder, Plan Manager