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Simplify and automate your financial services business with a purpose built Finance CRM.

Creating real change for our clients.


More Productivity


Less operating costs

Finance CRM

Wide range of benefits and short learning curves.

Dealing with a large number of datasets in terms of records and figures, the database of this division is bound to be substantial. Huge transactions, interactions and churning out happens here. The finance team is inevitably inter-connected with several other internal team, external parties and stake-holders. The data here is vital and highly confidential and this calls for the need for an expert CRM for financial planners.

Effortless Integrations

Connect your platform with any external 3rd-party or application data source, unify your operating and entity data and derive actual benefits by reducing costs and time in taking a client from enquiry to closed deal.

1-System for All needs

Our all-in-one sales, marketing and finance CRM combined with automation reduces the need for any business to use any third-party tool.

Reporting Automation

Hassle-free and automated reporting workflows and document creation allows you to focus on your business with the peace of mind that your auditing or reporting requirements are taken care of.