The worlds first intelligent message management platform.

On-demand unified customer data model

Contextual document availability

Advanced campaign funnel management

Optimised communications templates

Automation of every task, process and trigger

Automated Marketing.

Never lose another lead!

entiprius can enable an all-in-one marketing system providing companies with everything they need to attract customers, grow sales, create a personalised experience for each customer and greatly increase your departments productivity.

Get more customers with lead nurturing

  • Automate marketing processes to manage your funnel

    Never lose another lead again with our lead nurturing engine. With a combination of OneAuto and Auto-Pilot Marketing, your customers will constantly receive personalised communications to ensure they flow through your marketing funnel and you get the data you need.

Auto-Pilot Marketing

Let your communications respond to your customers

Personalise your marketing campaigns with set and forget Auto-Pilot Marketing, now you don't need to worry about marketing new leads to existing customers, with triggers designed to send contextual communications.

Intelligent message routing

context entity resolution

Lead Process Automation

Context-Aware Templates

Contextual document storage

Autonomous Contextual-Comms

context marketing

context-aware calendars