Optimise each app for a given task, dynamically provide contextual data to apps and users and deliver the true power of context-aware computing.

Advanced computing

On-demand availability

Structured Data ready

Personalised communications

Automation out of the box

Automate processes for the most common service-oriented businesses.

  • Our Digital Assistants are most commonly used by businesses to transform and automate their communications and operating procedures.

    Finance, Customer Service, Retail and Medical industries are just a few of the industries that are benefiting from the enormous advantages and efficiencies of personalised contextual communications with their staff and customers.

We are providing Intelligence-Amplification (IA) as a service

  • Intelligence Amplification is actually designed to complement and amplify human intelligence within a business. Our platform is the worlds first Context-Aware Business Computing Platform that utilises unstructured data, digital assistants, Intelligence Amplification and Automation to transform businesses.

    IA has one big edge over AI: it builds on human intelligence that has evolved over millions of years, while AI attempts to build intelligence from scratch.