NDIS AI 2.0 Plan Management Software

Revolutionising your NDIS Plan Management Software through AI Leadership & Hyper-Automation. Multiply staff productivity, eliminate errors and maximise revenue & profits to unprecedented levels.

Revolutionising NDIS Operations Through AI Leadership & Hyper-Automation

Advanced Cross-Platform technologies augment your human capability

Revolutionise your approach to Plan Management with our Cloud, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile compatible Plan Management Software. Automagically process invoices with our Invoice Language Processing (ILP) powered by NLP. Merging seamlessly with our Digital Assistants and Intelligence Amplification, ILP delivers a single, comprehensive contextual view of every customer.

  • Budget Plan Management
  • Purpose-built Rules & Invoice AI Engine
  • Enabling intelligent decisions driven by comprehensive understanding and workflows with Digital Assistants
  • Hyper-Automation

Australia’s future of NDIS plan management software

entiprius NDIS AI 2.0 isn't just a product; it's a purpose-built NDIS AI Engine. Developed in collaboration with NDIS leaders, this engine is tailored to meet the unique demands of NDIS operations, ensuring precision, accuracy, and unmatched capabilities.

  • All-in-One Plan Management System with 36 Apps including
  • NDIS AI Email Management
  • AI Invoice Engine making contextual data available to every application on demand.
  • Duplicate Identification ensures accuracy
  • Internal job management
  • Connected Plan Management to PACE & Proda

Cutover Leadership: Seamless Transition with entiprius

At entiprius, we understand that transitioning to new technologies can be a daunting process for any organisation. That's why we've pioneered the concept of Cutover Leadership, a comprehensive approach that ensures smooth and successful migrations to our innovative solutions.

  • We ingest and structure all your data
  • Transfer financial data with precision
  • Tailored training & Courses
  • Local Australian Support

Entiprius NDIS AI 2.0 Features

  • Automated Structuring your provider data.

    Invoice Language Processing with AI Digital Assistant

    Track your spending

    Unique all-in-one platform with 36 productivity applications with AI in every application

    Auto-identification of duplicates

    Stay in control of all your operations & invoices history

    Job Management System

    Configure AI rules for your financial operations.

    Generate incredible TEMPLATES

    Dynamic communication templates for notes, emails, SMS’s and Documents.

    Automatically Submit invoices and claims for reimbursement

    Generate incredible monthly reports at the click of a button