CWA noticed a 500% productivity gain in just 3 months.

CWA is a car dealer that was essentially working too hard to close minimal qualified leads and they wanted to change how the operate and be in a position where they can offer finance to their customers to facilitate sales.

We needed help, revenue was low and our marketing dollars weren't being spent in the right way... we didn't know what to do... until we learnt about entiprius.

CWA is a second-hands car dealership, and like many family run Aussie businesses, the survival of the business put food on the table for many families, so when they hit the bottom and were unable to increase revenue, they were close to shutting down operations. Prior to our involvement CWA was making a monthly average income of below 30K per month and found a new way to generate revenue in the second-hands Facebook Community, but they needed a platform that helped them exploit this opportunity.

To achieve this opportunity, they needed an easy and simple finance solution to offer their customers, and initial attempts of introducing finance into their business proved very difficult for them to manage. They soon discovered that finance was an extremely labour-intensive process which minimalised success and greatly reduced their profits. CWA looked at various solutions and quickly discovered that no matter how simple some 3rd party software providers tried to make the task, it needed constant management and interaction by the CWA team, ultimately increasing costs... until they discovered entiprius.

Stage One: Project Milestones

Automated Context-Aware Communications

We were shocked, entiprius knew exactly what it was looking for in a customer lead and took care of the whole process from lead to approved finance and sale.
  • Setup entiprius Basics with all the required email accounts and SMS profiles for various customer interactions.
  • We setup various customer email rules to auto distribute leads, enquiries, sales, complaints and accounts.
  • Connected leads to entiprius so they automatically generated a customer file and mapped data into the custom fields and auto responses needed to keep the lead moving through the sales funnel. This meant that entiprius would know what to ask each customer for in order to process a finance application, all completely un-assisted.
  • We established lead buckets and lead distribution to the most appropriate sales person once the process reacher a certain point.
  • Designed and implemented workflow processes.
  • Implemented numerous document and communication templates
  • Implemented Auto-Pilot marketing campaigns to manage over 20 campaigns at the same time.


  • As revenue increased CWA progressively increased marketing spend.
  • Bottle-necks in other areas of the operation were discovered which hindered the success of the platform, such as, delays with the Car Yard Team andCar Servicing & Detailing Team.

Stage Two: Project Milestones

Fully-automated and un-assisted document management

entiprius started getting all the necessary documents from customers without us evening knowing, at the end, we received a final application... ready to go.
  • Integration with EasyCars which was mandated at the time by the State Government.
  • Implemented digital signatures for customers to approve application milestones.
  • Implemented lender specific workflow and handovers.
  • Created Yard, Mechanic, Detailers and Sales teams live dashboards making it easier for all members of the CWA eco-system to manage logistics.
  • Designed complex messaging algorithms.
  • Designed intelligent messaging categorisation.
  • Updated workflow based on newly identified categorisation.


  • After 2 years of use, it was estimated by the team that entiprius had achieved a 2000% revenue growth which was 20 X their initial revenue per month.
  • Reduced the cost of Labour and Sales by 50%.
  • Automated Lead Management & Nurturing.

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