Over 30% increase in customer sales and 50% reduction in IT costs.

Australian Laser & Skin is a leading laser clinic in Australia for medical grade laser hair removal, advanced skin and cosmetic treatments. The Australian Laser & Skin (ALS) clinic wanted to expand the customer base, streamline and simply their processes in order drive more revenue from existing efforts and identify areas of improvement.

At the ALS we wanted to ensure that existing efforts were essentially producing the best results in productivity and revenue gains.

The ALS was struggling with crippling IT infrastructure costs with annual licenses and monthly subscriptions that were just stacking up without any clear indication on the commercial benefits these systems were producing. The Clinic System in particular was a system that required over 10 side-by-side calendars with sub-second updated, an ability to support over 1M+ appointments which included recurring sessions across all calendars and multiple clinic facilities.

The ALS needed an easy and simple clinic solution that allowed them to acheive their objectives of delivering a great customer satisfaction and targeting marketing. They quickly outgrew their current platform which became very slow, continuously fell over and was very limited in functionality. Not to mention, extremely labour intensive, slowing down internal processes.

Before approaching entiprius they had investigated various software solutions and discovered the flexibility and functionality of our platform. Other providers struggled to provide a system that worked the way they worked and couldn't access historical data of customers which was problematic for their industry, both from a customer and compliance perspective. Entiprius was the only system that could provide calendar functionality, their way, and delivered the performance required. After implementation, the ALS saw immediate benefit through increased productivity and automated calendar workflows allowing them to open new clinics and bring on more customers.

Stage One: Project Milestones

Unified-data, Automation & Standards

We could not believe how easy it was to automate our own internal processes and ensure all applications had access to customer data and historical information related to treatments. Entiprius allowed us to discover a whole new way to operate that we never knew could be achieved.
  • Designed VB scripts to export and cleanse all customer data from existing platforms.
  • Implemented product and treatment standards for naming, pricing and governance. This saved us a tremendous amount of time allowing us to focus on acquiring new customers.
  • Created customer features for our calendars and allowed multiple calendar bookings.
  • Created customised features to support all treatments, notes and medical history. These additional features were specific to our model and operations.
  • Established easier to use sales features simplifying the process of selling packs and providing discounts.
  • Implemented all calendar, accounts and user rights/privileges based on data privacy standards.
  • Implemented user, admin and accounts training courses and documentation all from one system.


  • Drastic increase in productivity which was noticeable at all management layers of the business, this allowed our staff to focus on customer services and sales.
  • Immediately scoped out phase 2 of the implementation in order to achieve high levels of approval.
  • Removed bottle-necks in the business, impacting several areas of performance including creating Consent Forms, Registration Forms and Picture Management.

Stage Two: Project Milestones

Simplify & Enable Auto-Pilot Marketing driving Un-Assisted Context-Aware Communications

At one point we achieved a enormous increase in revenue by 42% and reduced our IT costs by 50%.
  • Designed custom fields in order to simplify the management of all the Consent Dates and Medical History of a patient.
  • Design a new iPad Consent Form process that enabled the signing and the connecting of treatment information to a unified client file, accessible by all applications with permissions.
  • Design a new iPad Registration form process that captured all client information.
  • Implemented a new Auto-Pilot Marketing process flow to manage bookings, client follow-ups and injectable product sales.
  • Created a new Doctors Script process that enabled doctors to generate a script within 1 sec (previously 30mins)
  • Create a new Clinic Script screen, Doctors Script Screen and Script Request Process.
  • Created new Treatment screen to simplify the management/monitoring of the booking and re-booking of treatments.


  • Streamlined treatment registration and onboarding processes.
  • Auto-Pilot Marketing resulting in an increase of revenue by 42% with existing customers at one point.
  • Further opportunities identified and the birth of Stage 3.

Stage Three: Project Milestones

Clinician Application with Industry specific Governance & Compliance

Yup.... we achieved something that we never thought was possible.
  • Designed a new Clinician Application for Doctors and Nurses to systemise the governance and compliance of Medical Grade Treatments.
  • Designed a new Consent Form and Checklist process with Doctors to enable e-Signatures (within the compliance framework)
  • Designed a new annotation process enabling Doctors to perform precision annotation on the customer treatment file indicating areas of injection and treatment.
  • Auto-generated billing
  • Created new emails, SMS and Treatment Document templates.


  • Reduce the cost of labour of staff, taking the ALS Call Centre from 8 staff to zero with the use of fully-automated context aware communications.
  • Increased customer sales with existing customers to 30% overall.
  • Implement Auto-Pilot Marketing Campaigns to acquire to sales opportunities
  • Developed Innovative Clinic Reports simplifying the management and growth of the company and its offices.
  • Simplified and Reduce the Cost of Technology by over 50%.
  • Systemised the Governance and Compliance, greatly improving the overall customer treatment process and efficiency.

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